Time-Saving Tools for Trade Pros in the Field

29th February 2024 • Categories: Trade Pros

How to Work Smarter and Faster with Malco’s Innovative Solutions.

If you are a trade professional working in the field, you know the importance of having the right tools for the job. You also know how frustrating it can be to waste time and money on tools that break, wear out, or don’t perform as expected. That’s why you need Malco’s time-saving tools for trade pros in the field. Malco is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable, innovative tools designed to make your work easier, faster, and safer. Malco has the tool for you whether you need to cut, bend, crimp, punch, drill, or fasten.


Time-Saving Tool, C-RHEX Sawtooth



Save Time

Malco tools are engineered to reduce fatigue, improve accuracy, and speed up your workflow. For example, Malco’s TurboShear drill attachment lets you turn your power drill into a robust metal cutting shear, saving you the hassle of switching tools or using manual snips.

Malco’s TurboCrimper® IMPACT lets you crimp round duct and pipe faster and easier than ever; no setup or adjustment is needed; chuck up and go. The TurboCrimper® IMPACT is five times faster than a manual sheet metal crimping tool based on actual field trials! Now that’s efficient.

Additionally, Malco’s C-RHEX® and C-RHEX® Sawtooth lines provide invaluable time-saving tools for trade professionals in the field. Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, the cleanable reversible hex driver allows Trade Pros to change between standard fastener sizes quickly and easily on the job. The Sawtooth function allows Trade Pros to remove screws covered in soft or hard mastic or sealant rapidly, saving time and energy and increasing productivity.

The Malco Sheet Metal Hole Cutter, a tried and tested time-saving tool, recently got an exciting update. The NEW Distinctive Gold Impact Cutter Bits, highly durable Bearings, and Pivot Pin signify the longest-lasting, fastest cutting, and easiest adjusting solution for cutting holes in sheet metal. A must-have for the HVAC Trade Pro.

Increase Productivity

It’s no secret that power-assisted tools are a huge time-saver. Recently, Malco released exciting additions to our Metal Bender Line. The power-assisted Standing Seam Seamer makes the perfect hand-held equipment for effortless seaming of 1” or 1.5” single and double mechanical lock standing seam panels in one efficient operation. Also featured in our newest product release is the power-assisted Standing Seam Cutter, which boasts the effortless removal of 1” or 1.5” single and double mechanical lock standing seam panels. Attach the power-assisted seamer or cutter to your cordless drill and quickly get to work; with Malco tools, you’ll complete more jobs with less hassle.

One of the most time-consuming tasks in metalworking is cutting sheet metal to the correct size and shape. That’s why Malco created the Andy™ Offset Aluminum Handled Snips 12”, a versatile and powerful snip that can easily cut through materials such as steel, vinyl, copper, and aluminum. The offset design lets you keep your hand above the work while the serrated blades ensure a clean and smooth cut. The ergonomic aluminum handles are lightweight and comfortable, reducing fatigue and increasing control. Whether you need to cut straight, curved, or circular patterns, the Andy™ Offset Aluminum Handled Snips 12” can handle it all.

Save Money and Reduce Waste

Malco tools are built to last, with premium materials and craftsmanship that ensure durability and reliability. Malco tools also help you avoid costly mistakes and rework by providing precise and consistent results. For example, the Trim Nail Punch lets you nail trim without denting or marring the surface, with a slim nose that fits tight spaces and a depth gauge that prevents overdriving. Additionally, many Malco tools offer replacement parts when the time comes, reducing the overall cost of business. For example, All Malco AndyTM snips feature replaceable blades that can easily be swapped in the field.

Prevent Injuries

Malco tools are designed to protect you and your co-workers from harm by incorporating safety features and ergonomic principles. For example, the Aviation Snips lets you cut metal safely and accurately with a serrated blade that prevents slipping, and a latch that keeps the jaws closed. The Max2000 Snips enables you to cut even thicker metal with a compound leverage mechanism that reduces hand force and Euro-styled ergonomic handles. The Hole Cutters let you drill holes in metal without shavings, with a replaceable cutter bit and an arbor with a pilot drill that ejects the slug. Malco’s ergonomic Redline Handles also let you work comfortably and efficiently with a patented one-hand operation that reduces hand fatigue and increases leverage.

As you can see, Malco’s time-saving tools for trade pros in the field are the best choice for your needs. Malco has served the trade industry since 1950 with a reputation for excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Malco tools are backed by a network of authorized dealers and service centers. If you want to work smarter and faster with Malco’s innovative solutions, visit our website and find your nearest distributor today.