“Gold Standard” Sheet Metal Hole Cutters and Cutter Bits

Malco’s sheet metal hole cutter quickly installs into the chuck of any corded or cordless drill as small as 1/4″ (6.35 mm). The Distinctive Gold Impact Cutter Bits and highly durable Bearings, and Pivot Pin signify the longest lasting, fastest cutting, and easiest adjusting solution for cutting holes in sheet metal. A Lightweight aluminum frame makes these accessories extremely portable for a variety of hole cutting applications in sheet metal, which includes 20-gauge (1.02 mm) galvanized steel. A compact model HC1 Hole Cutter is adjustable for making 2 to 12″ (51 to 305 mm) diameter holes. The larger HC2 model cuts 2 to 20″ (51 to 508 mm) holes. A combination English/Metric diameter gauge is included on the adjustable pivot slide for both models and both models use the same mill-type Cutter Bit and replacement parts.

Both the HC1 and HC2 sheet metal hole cutters are REACH/RoHS compliant and feature Malco’s “Gold Standard” Impact Cutter Bits. These superior cutter bits feature a long lasting, mill type cutting edge and large flat for adjusting the cutting-edge location up or down to extend bit life.  Available in QTY 1 pack (#CB), QTY 6 pack (#CBB) and bulk pack QTY 100 (#CBB100), Malco’s Impact cutter bit replacements fit either HC1 and HC2 model and are simple to replace.


  • Lightweight aluminum frames
  • Versatile for a variety of metal work.
  • Longest lasting cutter bit.
  • Precision-fit sealed bearings.
  • Easy-adjusting pivot pin.

NOTE: Cutting bit wears only in the dimension of the thickness of material cut. Adjusting bit up or down slightly will expose a new cutting edge and thus increase life of bit.



Aluminum Galv Steel (20 Gauge) Mild Steel (20 Gauge)
.054 (1.37) .040 (1.02) .029 (0.76)

Other Tools Specifications

Cutting Bit Variable Leverage Ration High/Low Throughout Stroke
High Speed Steel * Recommended RPM 1350 n/a
Catalog Number Description Steel Type Hole Diameter in. (mm) Net Wt. oz. (g)
HC1 Hole Cutter __ 2-12 (50.8-304.8) 16 (454)
HC2 Hole Cutter __ 2-20 (50.8-508 22 (624)
CB Mill Type Cutter Bit (Single) HSS (High Speed) __ __
CBB Mill Type Cutter Bit (6 pack) HSS (High Speed) __ __
CB100 Mill Type Cutter Bit (100 tub) HSS (High Speed) __ __



Can the HC1 Hole Cutter be used to cut 52mm deep composite aluminum sheet with insulated core (as used in cladding and insulated window frame construction)?

Malco’s testing of the HC1 did not cut aluminum material as well as other metals. The bit loads up with the aluminum material and would not be recommended to use the HC1 tool for this purpose.

What size is the hex key for bit on the hole cutter?



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Mario oliver rivera mosqueda (tecate)

Five Stars

Muy bien muchas gracias, thanks.

B. Jones "prairie dog"

Works great

I saved myself a $150 for moving my wood furnace by buying this little jewel. Works great and even though there isn't a manual, it's really easy to figure out with what they send you.

Amazon Customer

Tip to Reduce Bit Breakage

Overall a great tool.Perfect for round holes in sheet metal.I broke 1st bit on second hole in 26 gauge duct.Forty holes later,still using the 2nd bit.Put drill in screwdriver mode & reduce torque setting to lowest value.As soon as bit catches, torque clutch releases & bit stops turning.Release drill trigger,move back a little and start again.


Malco HC1

I was adding a couple returns and supplies in the basement during remodeling. This did the trick, definitely wear goggles as this puts out tons of small metal fragments.

David Jones

One of those tools you’ll only use once in a blue moon

Unless you're in a profession that requires it, but when you need to put a round hole in thin sheet metal, there's not much better way to do it than this tool. Also great for metal siding, just make sure your center hole is on a peak in the metal and not a valley.

Andrew Grant

Love it

Love it, made my work much easier. Cutting holes is so much faster with this tool. Saves a lot of time...Would recommend.

tiger4mu "tiger4mu" (Blue Springs, MO United States)


If you need to cut a hole in sheet metal, this is the tool. You have a clean, professional hole. Will pay for itself many times over.

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