Gutter & Downspout

Two Bags of Malco's Painted Sheet Metal Screws

Painted Sheet Metal Screws

Malco’s Painted Sheet Metal Screws are made from the same high quality Zip-in® design. Offered in clay, musket bronze, royal brown, white, almond, and classic cream.


Gutter Outlet Punches

Lightweight gutter tool quickly and easily cuts a clean downspout drop hole anywhere along the length of an aluminum gutter.


Malco Gutter Outlet Saw Cutting into Copper Downspout

Gutter Outlet Saws

Fine tooth saw for safe, fast, clean cuts in thin walled and half round gutter. Downspout always fits flush with gutter.


Gutter end cap crimper by Malco

Gutter End Cap Crimper (Adjustable Snap Lock Punch)

Ideal gutter tool to use for crimping end caps in place. Also creates locking tabs in light sheet metals.


Worker with gloved hands using Malco's C4R Gutter Tool to crimp a white downspout

5-Blade Gutter Downspout Crimper

Produces an effective double crimp that downsizes corners of aluminum or steel downspout. Crimps made by the tool help create a connection that is more self-supporting during gutter installation.


Malco SC2 Single Gutter Crimping Tool

Single Crimper – Gutter Downspout

Light duty tool without grips. Makes a single crimp for downsizing aluminum downspouts.


Screws inside Malco's GSG6 Gutter Screw Guide

Gutter Screw Guide

Easily works over the outside edge of rain gutter to hold and guide 1/4-inch hex head screws up to 2 inches long.


Malco Gutter Tool for Driving in Nails

Gutter Nail Driver

The gutter nail driver tool is used for installing up to 8D nails over the edge of a gutter.


Circular Saw Blade: Steel

Cool clean cuts in metal roofing and metal building panels.


Magnetic Hex Chuck Drivers – Color Coded

Malco precision fit and hardened Magnetic Hex Chuck Drivers, with 1/4-inch power insert shanks.


CONNEXT® – Magnetic Hex Hand Drivers

CONNEXT Quick Change handles from Malco, combined with precision-fit and hardened Malco Magnetic Hex Chuck Driver shaft components, offer the ultimate in Hex Hand Driver durability and flexibility.


CONNEXT® – Quick Change Handles

Clear, molded acetate CONNEXT handles are shock-proof, shatter-proof and fluted to fit any hand.


CONNEXT® – Magnetic Hex Driver & Nut Driver Kits

Connext Quick Change handles from Malco now are offered in Kits


Malco's Sheet Metal Drill Bit

Sheet Metal Drill Bits

Sheet metal drills with 135° split point design bite into metal precisely where wanted – will not wander.


Sheet Metal Double Ender Drill Bits

Two points for twice the life, twice the convenience.


Magnetic Bit Holder

Power drive 1/4-inch hex shank fits any power drill or 1/4-inch power drive holder. Accepts 1/4-inch hex shank insert bits.


Phillips Chuck Drivers

Power drive 1/4-inch hex insert shank fits any electric power drill or 1/4-inch power drive holder.


Phillips Insert Bit

Fits any 1/4-inch hex magnetic bit holder.


6 in 1 Reversible Screwdriver

Combination bits change to drive 6 different head styles or sizes.



Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas 4in1

4IN1 Multi-Socket Nut Driver

Telescoping driver shafts provide 2 hex sockets at each end of compact handle. 4 hex sizes: 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, and 7/16”


Hand Riveter: 2IN1

Rivet gun for blind rivets with 1/8 inch thru 3/16 inch mandrels.


Hand Riveter: Economy

Lightweight, compact size and slim nose projection allows this riveter to go wherever the work is.


Painted Rivets with Aluminum Rivet and Mandrel

Painted rivets packaged in 100 piece bags.


Blind Rivets

Malco blind rivets provide a strong, secure connection between 2 or more sheets of material, that will not loosen with vibration.


Utility Caulking Gun

Easy loading and lightweight for smooth, clean operation.


Flexible Lightweight Caulking Gun

Compact design stores in a toolbox.


Professional Square Piston Design Caulking Gun

Heavy duty professional model caulking guns with thumb-activated pressure release.


Easy Dispensing Caulking Gun

Smooth action with large, comfortable power grip.


Pin Vise

Use in hand or insert in drill chuck. Pin Vise holds wire gauge drill sizes 61 to 80.


Red Lip Plastic Anchors

Use with wood, sheet metal or lag screws. Flexible anchor is ideal for masonry or stone. Lip on collar prevents anchor from pushing through hole in hollow walls. Kits contain equal quantities of anchors and screws with one matching carbide tipped drill bit.


Blue Impact-Grade Magnetic Hex Chuck Drivers

These distinctive blue chuck drivers withstand impact driver stress characteristic for each fastening application.


Hand Held Magnetic Sweep

Powerful magnetic surface efficiently picks up debris. Quick release sleeve allows debris to be easily removed. Quick, Easy, Efficient!


Soft Sided Tool Bag

Rugged, heavyweight nylon tool bag organizes large and small tools with ample capacity and multiple interior and exterior pockets.


Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas Tool Backpack

Tool BackPack

Easily organize, protect and transport your tools in a 33-pocket Ballistic Nylon Backpack.


Plastic Tote Tray

Heavy duty, crush proof tote trays are great for carrying hand tools and fasteners to the job site.


Aluminum Straight Edge Rule

Made from .125 thickness extruded aluminum.


1" x 16' Magnetic Tip Tape Measure

Magnetic Measuring Tape

Pick the one tape from a choice of three that is ideal for your metalworking needs!


Measuring Tape

Malco Non-Magnetic Measuring Tape offered in 25′ and 30′ length with double riveted tip connection and tough rubber-clad housing.