HVACR - Fiberglass Flex Duct

Malco's FDC1 Flex Duct Cutter with Black Vinyl Gripped Handles

Flex Duct Cutter

Built-in wire cutter lets you finish the job you started with just one tool!


Flex Duct Shear

Built in wire cutter lets you finish the job you started, with just one tool. Compound leverage provides smooth scissor cutting action and a big 4-3/8″ (111 mm) cutting length.


Multi-Purpose Flex Duct Shear

3 Tools in one. Cleanly cuts through duct, cuts wire rib coil of duct liner, and install nylon tie strap with tie tensioning mechanism.


Duct Knife

For flex and duct board with hardened stainless steel!



Universal Flex Duct Knife Sheath

Safely carry a Malco FDC1 Duct Cutter, FDC2 Shear, FDC3 Multi-Tool or DK6S Duct Knife with this universal-fitting sheath.


Adjustable Nylon Ties

Malco offers multiple options for adjustable nylon ties: Indoor-rated, jumbo 36 and 48 inch (914 and 1219 mm) 175 lb. tensile strength ties bundle heavy cable, hoses or wire, and […]


Cable Tie Tensioning Tool with Manual Cut Off and Grips

Made with a manual, easy to use vinyl gripped handle for tightening and cutting nylon ties for fiber glass duct take offs.


Malco's TY4 Fiberglass Flex Duct Tie Tool

Cable Tie Tensioning Tool with Manual Cut Off

Easy to use tool for securing nylon ties to fiberglass flex duct take offs.


Malco TY46 Tie Tensioning Tool for Fiber Duct

Cable Tie Tensioning Tool with Auto Cut Off

Features comfortable grips and an adjustable auto cut off feature to secure nylon ties to fiberglass flex duct take offs.


Malco FDS1 Flexible Duct Support

Flexible Duct Support

Supports a 90° elbow on flexible duct and eliminates air flow restrictions.


Professional Square Piston Design Caulking Gun

Heavy duty professional model caulking guns with thumb-activated pressure release.


Utility Caulking Gun

Easy loading and lightweight for smooth, clean operation.


Flexible Lightweight Caulking Gun

Compact design stores in a toolbox.


Easy Dispensing Caulking Gun

Smooth action with large, comfortable power grip.


Soft Sided Tool Bag

Rugged, heavyweight nylon tool bag organizes large and small tools with ample capacity and multiple interior and exterior pockets.


Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas Tool Backpack

Tool BackPack

Easily organize, protect and transport your tools in a 33-pocket Ballistic Nylon Backpack.


Plastic Tote Tray

Heavy duty, crush proof tote trays are great for carrying hand tools and fasteners to the job site.


4P6 Catalog Shot

Reciprocating Saw: General Purpose

Reciprocating saw blades for general purpose use. Blades capable of cutting in wood with nails, metal under 3/16 inches, non-ferrous metals, plastic fiberglass, and plaster.


Measuring Tape

Malco Non-Magnetic Measuring Tape offered in 25′ and 30′ length with double riveted tip connection and tough rubber-clad housing.


1" x 16' Magnetic Tip Tape Measure

Magnetic Measuring Tape

Pick the one tape from a choice of three that is ideal for your metalworking needs!