Saw Blades (Circular, Reciprocating, and Hole)

Red BiMetal Hole in One Hole Saw by Malco

“Hole in One” Hole Saw

One piece arbor and hole saw combination eliminates the need for separate arbor attachments. 4/6 variable pitch teeth milled into high speed steel edge and micro-welded to the body


Malco Hole Saw and drill

“Quick Action” Carbide Tipped Hole Saws

Self-cleaning gullets and Carbide-tipped teeth. These Hole saws easily cut thick or layered building materials such as wood, wall tile, fiberglass, plastic, and fiber cement siding including James Hardie Siding.


Circular Saw Blade: Vinyl Cutting

A full selection of dedicated vinyl-cutting solutions for both Siding and Fencing Pros!


7, 10, and 12 inch Malco Fiber Cement Saw Blades besides each other

Circular Saw Blade: Fiber Cement

For repetitive cuts in fiber cement with power miters or portable circular saws. Malco offers specialized Circular Saw Blades with PCD (PolyCrystalline Diamond) faced Carbide Tipped Blades for longer life.


Circular Saw Blade: Steel

Cool clean cuts in metal roofing and metal building panels.


Malco's Sheet Metal Vent Hole Saw

Vent Saw

Designed for cutting all types of hard and soft wood, and other non ferrous materials including plywood, composition board and siding.


4MC14 Catalog Shot

Reciprocating Saw: Metal

Reciprocating saw blade for cutting various forms of metal.


4P6 Catalog Shot

Reciprocating Saw: General Purpose

Reciprocating saw blades for general purpose use. Blades capable of cutting in wood with nails, metal under 3/16 inches, non-ferrous metals, plastic fiberglass, and plaster.


4KH7 Catalog Shot

Reciprocating Saw: Wood

Reciprocating saw blades for cutting wood, wood with nails, and composition board.