Why Hand Tool Safety is Important for Trade Pros

29th May 2024 • Categories: Trade Pros

Hand tools are essential for trade professionals in many fields, such as HVAC, roofing, siding, electrical, and more. However, if they are not used correctly or are of poor quality, […]


Why More Women Are Considering Careers in the Trades

22nd March 2024 • Categories: Trade Pros

The trades are often seen as a male-dominated sector. Still, more and more women are breaking the stereotypes and pursuing careers in carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, welding, and electrical. According to […]


Time-Saving Tools for Trade Pros in the Field

29th February 2024 • Categories: Trade Pros

How to Work Smarter and Faster with Malco’s Innovative Solutions. If you are a trade professional working in the field, you know the importance of having the right tools for […]


Why a Career in the Trades is More Than Worth It

12th February 2024 • Categories: Trade Pros

While many recognize the potential for rewarding and stable careers in the skilled trades, it’s also true that older workers are retiring, and not enough young people are training to […]