Meet the Women Building Malco’s Future

6th March 2023 • Categories: Malco Company

In honor of Women’s History Month and National Women in Construction Week, here are a few of the team members and partners Malco is proud to be able to work with every day.

Meet the Women Building Malco’s Future

Women workers of the Malco team.

In honor of Women’s History Month and National Women in Construction Week, here are a few of the team members and partners Malco is proud to be able to work with every day.

Malco Team Members

Here are a few of the many women on the Malco team working to make customers happy and build Damn Good Tools.

Stacey Wocken, General Sales Manager

Stacey Wocken is Malco’s General Sales Manager and is the quintessential sales professional. Her commitment to helping get Malco tools in the hands of trade professionals shows in her work.

Head shot of Stacey Wocken, General Sales Manager at Malco.


This drive was exemplified at a recent conference where she singlehandedly saved the event and made crucial inroads with a key customer after a series of unfortunate illnesses took other teammates out. Stacey went above and beyond the call of duty, helping out during setup and teardown, attending networking events and conducting full-day demo sessions. Because of her can-do attitude and willingness to jump in and help wherever she can, Stacey was recently awarded Malco’s Keymer “Together Tracker” Award for her hard work.

Megan Mengelkoch, Customer Service

Megan Mengelkoch is one of the pros on our Customer Service team, and right from her first day on the job, she’s been stepping up in a big way.

Head shot of Megan Mengelkoch, Malco customer service.

In her first few months on the team, there was an unplanned absence, and she dove right into unfamiliar territory, navigating new processes and setting up new workflows to better serve customers. She put in many long days to learn, and she never gave up, determined to make sure Malco’s customer service didn’t miss a beat. For her exceptional work during this challenging period and her constant positivity, she has been awarded Malco’s Keymer “Ace Achiever” award.

She’s been recognized for being a huge asset to the customer service team and for consistently going above and beyond. Megan is always striving to provide the best possible experience to Malco’s customers. Her drive and positive attitude is one of the reasons Malco is known for its superior customer service.

Kelley Foss, Manager of Customer Service

Kelley Foss is Malco’s Customer Service Manager. When she started with Malco three years ago, she was new to the tool and manufacturing industry. When she joined the team, it was a complete lane change, having come from the beauty industry, but has found that her passion for customer service translates perfectly.

Head shot of Kelley Foss, Manager of customer service at Malco.

When asked about what makes her excited about work, she finds it hard to find just one answer. One of her favorite parts about working at Malco is that it’s a rewarding career. She loves to learn and has found the perfect combination of new challenges and being able to make peoples’ days energizing.

In a world where it’s becoming increasingly rare to connect with a real person at the other end of a support line, great customer experiences are also on the decline this is Kelley’s personal mission to change. Whether she’s communicating via phone or email, she loves to make her customers’ days and “wow” them with great service.

Kelley is most excited about Malco’s future growth and being able to be a part of Malco’s next chapter, a future she calls, “bright.”

Robbin Bauer, Buyer

Robbin Bauer, Buyer, embodies collaborative work, which is one of the reasons she was awarded Malco’s Keymer Award for “Together Tracker.” This spirit was in full show when she went above and beyond her regular job duties by offering assistance in onboarding a new buyer/planner on the team. She volunteered to spend a full week training, on short notice, and continues to be a valuable resource even after the training period ended.

Head shot of Robbin Bauer, Purchasing Clerk at Malco.

Her diverse skillset and willingness to help doesn’t end with typical job duties either. For Annandale’s 4th of July parade, she volunteered her family tractor and her whole family walked in the celebration. She supports her community every day by volunteering as a First Aid Responder, a Fire Responder, a Safety Committee member and as a member of Malco’s Spill Team.

In and out of work, Robbin inspires others to stay positive and pitch in by always taking initiative whenever she sees an opportunity to help out.

Valued Community Partners

No business is able to grow without the support and partnership of others in the industry. Meet two of Malco’s valued partners!

Tammie Nixon, Malco’s 2022 HVAC Trade Pro Winner – Gem Inc.

Tammie Nixon is one of Malco’s 2022 HVAC Trade Pro of the Year winners. She’s one of four women in her local union in Ohio, and she’s passionate about encouraging more women to join the construction industry.

Head shot of Tammie Nixon, Journeyman sheet metal worker at Malco.

Her advice to young women considering a career in construction and the trades is to believe that you are strong smart enough and have a “strong backbone. Thick skin. Be confident in yourself and your work and your knowledge and give it everything you got and show up. Never doubt yourself. You never know what your abilities are until you actually do them.”

Robin Johnson, Owner – High Road Heating & Cooling

Robin Johnson is the Owner of High Road Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs & Installs, a valued partner of Malco’s. She leads a team of professionals committed to providing honest straightforward advice to their customers and by making them her top priority. Her leadership has paid off for the company, and it’s lead them to becoming known for high quality work and growing a business, even during multiple economic recessions. She’s grown the business from a home office and three employees to the community-centered, thriving business it is today.

Of course, there are many more women working in and around Malco that make our work possible. In fact, there are 67 women working at Malco, 34 of whom work in production, making the Damn Good Tools trade professionals have relied on for more than 73 years! We couldn’t do what we do without each and every one of them, and all of the women who work hard every day to get the job done. And for that, we thank you!!

Do you know a woman who is an up-and-coming trade pro? Support the next generation of women in the trades and nominate them for Malco’s HVAC Trade-Pro of the Year or  Head of Class program today.