See Malco’s Ultimate Fastening System in Action

7th September 2023 • Categories: Fasteners

Among Malco Products’ most popular offerings are some of our smallest: Malco’s C-RHEX®, Malco’s Zip-in® screws and Bit-Tip® screws, which also make up the ultimate sheet metal fastening system. Construction and HVAC contractors can seamlessly join metals with our patented double-duty 1/14-in. and 5/16-in reversible hex drivers and the best sheet metal fasteners on the market.

See the Ultimate System in action!

Malco’s Cleanable, Reversible Hex (C-RHEX®) Drivers

Malco’s top-of-the-line come in many shapes and sizes, but all are crafted with the same commitment to quality, which is why so many trade pros have made them their go-to hex drivers.

Malco’s top-of-the-line C-RHEX® drivers come in many shapes and sizes, but all are crafted with the same commitment to quality, which is why so many trade pros have made them their go-to hex drivers. The socket depth is specifically designed to fit perfectly with Zip-in(R) and Bit-Tip(r) screws and the quality of the steel ensures the highest levels of durability. The magnet depth is positioned for just the right holding power and their color-coded bands mean you can quickly tell the sizes apart. Plus, with different shaft lengths, using them for different applications becomes a breeze.

What Do Customers Think About C-RHEX® Drivers?

The C-RHEX® drivers didn’t get to be so popular without loyal fans. Check out what a few customers have to say about Malco’s drivers.

James, who works in USPS Maintenance, says he “uses self tappers every day, and the metal bits would ruin my magnetic drivers so the screws wouldn’t sit flush. The ability to clean out the driver [and] clean off the magnet makes this the best driver I have ever used. I was the first to buy these for my plant and every mechanic that sees them, wants one.”

Steve T. says, “I work at the Clark County detention center in Las Vegas performing building maintenance. A couple months ago I bought this just on a whim at my local Home Depot store, I found it in the plumbing aisle…after using it for about a day, it’s never left my impact gun since. I love it so much that I bought a second one for my impact gun at home yesterday. It’s a great tool!! This is a 5-star tool. Buy it, you won’t be sorry you did.”

And Ryan says, “Literally the best driver ever. I am a tinner and everyday have to chase off my own crew and all the other trades who try to steal the best driver ever invented.”

Malco Fasteners: Zip-in® and Bit-Tip® Screws

What good is a driver without a fastener to make sure the joining actually happens? That’s where Malco’s Zip-in® and Bit-Tip® screws come in. These screws are so popular we can’t restock them fast enough!

Quality Guarantee – Look for the Dots!

Make sure you’re getting genuine Malco Zip-in® and Bit-Tip® screws by looking for the signature dots on the head.

Zip-in® Screws

Malco’s Zip-in® screws have earned a reputation in the HVAC industry for superior quality and are the top choice for metal duct fastening. How did we get here? With a unique thread design and an attention to detail that ensures tight quality control. The screw tip is tapered to fine, sharp point that maintains critical point strength.

Screw faster and fasten heavier gauges of sheet metal than any other self-piercing screw.

Grab them in any quantity you need!