Celebrating Malco HVAC Trade-Pro Winners Through the Years

23rd August 2023 • Categories: HVAC

Every year, Malco celebrates outstanding HVAC technicians, installers and contractors with our HVAC Trade-Pro of the Year Contest. Awardees are chosen based on their professionalism, commitment to safety and commitment to giving back to their communities.

Check out some of the incredible tradespeople we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last few years!

Tim Hardy, Owner, Quality Air Services LLC

Tom Hardy

In Hokes Bluff, Alabama, 2021 HVAC Trade-Pro winner Tim Hardy runs his aptly named HVAC business, Quality Air Services LLC. Tim has been in the trades for three decades and has been using Malco tools since the very beginning. He says he chooses our tools because of their quality and reliability, and we have to say, “thank you!” Our tools are meant to be used by pros who are doing great HVAC work.

Tim believes in investing in the future of the trades and lives that value by teaching at Gadsen State Community College when he’s not running Quality Air Services L.L.C., the family-run HVAC business he started.

Malco is proud to help Tim on the job, where he uses his Malco tools daily. His toolkit is well-stocked and when asked how many Malco tools he owns, he laughs, “A lot. Hand shears, shears on a cordless drill, reds, greens, yellow snips, notchers, duct hole cutters, hand brakes, turning bars, duct hammers, and the list goes on.”

As for his favorite, he says “I think it is the 14-inch Andy snips. I have thrown away all the other name-brand shears I have purchased. These cut metal like butter. A very close second would be the TurboShears that go in my cordless drill.”

Community comes first for Tim. In every area of his life, he’s committed to giving back. For example, he volunteers to install HVAC systems for families in need through Gadsen State Community College and Gadsden/Etowah Habitat for Humanity. He is also involved in his church, where he continues to give his time and expertise. Not stopping there, he’s always helping fellow contractors troubleshoot HVAC systems and helping his students start up their own HVAC businesses.

Christopher Muhammad, Owner/Lead Installer, Going Green Home Solutions

Christopher Muhammad

After graduating high school, 2021 HVAC Trade-Pro winner Christopher Muhammad enrolled in trade school. He started his HVAC career in Detroit, working for a plumbing and heating contractor. Fast-forward 23 years, and Christopher is in the Windy City where he earned his state Mechanical Contractor’s license and started his own company, Going Green Home Solutions, where he specializes in system design, installation and the fabrication of custom fittings and ductwork.

Christopher uses an array of Malco tools every day, including folding tools, TurboShears, notchers, crimpers, adjustable scribes, pocket scribes, classic Andy™ snips, and bulldog aviation snips. When asked about his favorite, he says, “Believe it or not, my favorite Malco tool is the small carbide tip scribe. This scribe is great for sheet metal layout in our shop, and keeps a sharp tip, ensuring patterns are accurate and precise.”

Throughout his career, his commitment to community involvement shines through. He actively participates in food giveaways and dedicates his time to educating young individuals about the skilled trades and their significance in fostering a better community.

Recognizing the financial opportunities available in the HVAC trade, he plans to start a summer internship program for high school students to introduce to the field. By sharing his expertise and empowering the next generation, Christopher aims to make a positive impact on both individuals and the community as a whole.

Ricardo Lopez, Installer, Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling

Ricardo Lopez

In the heart of the country in St. Louis, Missouri, Ricardo Lopez is hard at work servicing HVAC systems, and his community at large. At the time of being named a Malco HVAC Trade-Pro in 2022, Ricardo Lopez was just four years into his HVAC career, but had already started his own service vehicle and is consistently sharing his knowledge and skills with aspiring HVAC professionals.

Ricardo’s toolbox boasts a collection of approximately 8 essential Malco tools, each serving a specific purpose in his daily HVAC tasks. Among his trusted tools are the C-RHEX drivers, left and right snips, as well as a couple crimpers and seamers. These tools have proven indispensable, allowing Ricardo to work with precision and efficiency.

Ricardo’s choice to purchase Malco tools stems from the products’ unwavering reliability on the job site. He places great value on tools that can withstand the rigors of demanding HVAC projects, particularly during new unit installations and intricate ductwork assignments.

Ricardo’s unwavering commitment to safety, trust in reliable Malco tools, and dedication to his craft position him as a driven professional in the HVAC industry. With his ever-growing expertise and willingness to share knowledge, Ricardo continues to make valuable contributions to the HVAC trade and his community.

Robert Hartmann, Service/Installer, Self-Employed

Robert Hartmann

With an impressive 29 years of experience in the HVAC trade, 2022 winner Robert Hartmann has a breadth and depth of experience that began when he started as a tin knocker. Since then, he’s worked on residential and commercial projects and grew to focusing on residential changeouts, duct jobs and package units, before taking the leap to start his own business, where he specializes in residential duct jobs and providing comprehensive HVAC services in Philadelphia.

Robert’s proud of his Malco collection, telling us that he has around 50 Malco tools. When asked why, his response was because of the reliability and quality Malco provides to support his HVAC work. From hand tools to drill tips, he trusts Malco for all his equipment needs. In particular, he highlights the new C-RHEX® drivers, which offer versatility by accommodating multiple size hex screws. These have allowed him to streamline his workflow, which has freed him up to be more effective and ultimately, save time.

Among his collection of Malco tools, Robert’s favorite is the TS1, the original TurboShear®. This tool easily attaches to any drill, and serves him well when cutting into the side of heaters for a return booth. Its efficiency and functionality have spared him from unnecessary strain and ensure accurate and precise cuts.

Robert believes in fair pricing and supports his community by offering free service calls to those in need, particularly the elderly. The aspect of his job that brings him the most satisfaction is providing comfort to people during extreme weather conditions. Air and heat are essential needs that can save lives, and Robert takes this responsibility seriously, leading him to become a respected and trusted name in his community.

These are just a few of the past HVAC Trade-Pro of the Year winners, but each one has showcased their unwavering dedication, expertise, and commitment to their craft. From their early years in the industry to their present accomplishments, these professionals have embraced the challenges and opportunities the HVAC trade offers.

By prioritizing safety, quality work and giving back to their communities, they set a standard of excellence in the HVAC industry. Their passion and continuous pursuit of knowledge inspire others to follow in their footsteps, ensuring a bright future for the trade.

Congratulations to all of these individuals, and we can’t wait to highlight more past winners soon! And thank you to all the HVAC professionals who make sure we all stay properly heated, ventilated and safe. We’re proud to serve you by making tools you can trust.