Behind the Scenes with Malco’s Quality Standards

24th October 2023 • Categories: Malco Company

Product quality is one of Malco’s top priorities. It’s what our company was founded on in 1950, and it’s what has fueled our success over the years: trade pros know that they can rely on Malco’s high-quality products to get the job done right.

Let’s go behind the scenes to look at what it is that makes Malco’s Damn Good Tools rise above the competition and why quality is so important to us.

Malco’s Quality Standards

At Malco, we use a Quality Management System (QMS) that defines the processes we use to maintain, as well as continually improve, our product quality standards.

Within our quality standards, we focus on 5 main areas and answer many questions, including the following:

Area 1 – Safety

At the most basic level, is this product safe for an end-user to operate? If it does fail, will it do so without causing a safety hazard? Does it have the proper warnings for the user?

Area 2 – Performance

How well does the product do what it was designed for? Is it faster/easier than the current solution? Will it maintain performance over its lifetime?

Area 3 – Durability

How long will the tool last? Will it survive being dropped? Will it still function in cold/hot weather? Will it last a long time?

Area 4 – Ergonomics

Is it comfortable for the end-user to use? Is it comfortable to use all day? Does it take less force than current solutions?

Area 5 – Aesthetics

And finally, does it look good, like it’s supposed to?

We treat product quality as not just something we do, but a cornerstone of our company culture. Our Quality Culture at Malco makes each of our 150+ associates responsible for product quality – each person has an impact in ensuring that we’re delivering only the best-quality products to our customers.

Product Testing at Malco

To support our quality standards, each of the products we sell must go through rigorous inspection and testing to ensure that end-users are only getting genuine Malco tools that uphold our commitment to quality.

We know that quality starts from the very beginning, so even before the product is assembled, we have quality expectations for all our suppliers that are constantly monitored and improved, ensuring we are working with only the finest tool-grade materials to produce our products.

Because we know our tools are put through the wringer on a job site, we put a lot of time and effort into product testing. If there’s something the tool will endure on the job site, we’ve probably tested it.

A few examples of the types of tests we perform on our tools include (but are not limited to!):

Strength Testing

Load is applied to different areas of the product until we find the failure point. It’s applied to the whole product to simulate use/abuse. We also test individual components to verify their strength.

Force Testing

We check the amount of force necessary for the product to perform the necessary task. This data is compared to the expected force needed to make sure our product is performing properly. It is also used to set the parameters for other tests, i.e. life-cycle testing.

Functional Testing

This is general-use testing used to establish the baseline of fit, feel, and function for the product. This testing will also include drop testing to determine if the product will remain functional after being dropped.

Life-cycle Testing 

We use this type of test to simulate tool use for the life of the product. We verify that the product will perform as intended over its life and also use this testing to determine necessary replacement parts to offer.

Even down to our smallest products, such as the Zip-in® or Bit-Tip® screws, we’re verifying package weight for every single run to make sure end-users are getting exactly the right number of screws. And, going even further, we calibrate and certify those scales on a regular schedule, making sure that packages aren’t light on product.

What Quality Means for Trade Pros

We know that trade pros depend on our high-quality tools to consistently perform their jobs well, on time, and safely. In this constantly evolving marketplace, exceeding customer expectations is a must and is something we strive for every day, which is why we offer our limited lifetime warranty, so every Malco user can feel confident that they’re covered, no matter what.

Our customers often use these words in their feedback about our products:

  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • High quality
  • Long-lasting

We use feedback from trade pros as verification that Malco’s Quality Standards are exceeding expectations and are always looking for new ways to improve.

Just as we are continually identifying new innovative products that help get the job done, we are constantly committed to selling only the best quality products available. This is our commitment to the market and is the motivation behind our tagline, “Work. Perform. Outlast.”