Malco Releases Two New Tools in June

11th July 2016 • Categories: Uncategorized, HVAC

Malco is proud to announce the arrival of two new tools this June to our ever-growing list of product offerings. We’ve released an Expanded Family of Multi-Track Pliers and also Expanded Adjustable Nylon Ties.

New Tools to Make Life Easier

As always, our new tools are intended to make life easier for workers in HVACR, automotive, fence, deck and rail and roofing, siding and gutter.

Whatever your task may be, pliers are almost always needed and Malco is thrilled with our Made in the U.S.A. Expanded Family of Multi-Track Pliers.

Malco new tools Multi-Track Pliers

These pliers include the MT-12 (12 in.), MT 10 (10 in.), MT-7 (8 in.) and MT-6 (6.5 in.). When choosing pliers, there are multiple reasons to choose Malco:

  • Undercut Tongue and Groove Adjustment will not slip! Jaws are held securely in selected position.
  • PermaLock Fastner eliminates nut and bolt failure.
  • Heat Treated Right-Angle Teeth grip better, last longer.
  • No Pinch Point. Lower jaw and reinforcing rib prevent handles from touching.
  • Long, Vinyl-Cushioned Handles give powerful leverage with a gentle spread for easy one-hand operation.
  • Reinforcing Ribbed Edge minimizes stress breakage.
  • Rugged V-Jaw (MT-10 and MT-12) V-shaped jaw creates more points of contact on pipe and round stock for stronger bite and more control.
  • Straight Jaw (MT-6 and MT-7) Ideal for gripping square or hex fastners plus small diameter pipe, conduit and cable connections.
  • Thin Design, Tempered Steel Halves allow access in confined spaces where pliers and wrenches won’t go.

Malco also introduced the Expanded Adjustable Nylon Ties. These ties have new UV resistant options and jumbo heavy duty straps for indoor or outdoor bundling and securing applications. Made of 100 percent nylon, these one-piece, self-locking ties are easy to install. Just wrap tie around material, slip tail through head, tighten and set with a Malco Tie Tensioning Tool.

Malco new tools Nylon Zip Ties

These UV Resistant 11 and 24 inch ties are outdoor rated use including HVAC Mini-Splits and Window Units, and securing/bundling Automotive, Marine, Industrial Cable, Hose and Wire.

The Jumbo 36 and 48 inch Heavy Duty ties are indoor rated use including securing HVAC Take-Offs, and securing/bundling heavy cables and hoses.

These ties work perfectly with Malco’s non-slip, long-life, Tie Tensioning Tools. The TY4G and Un-Gripped TY4 Manual Cut-Off models with comfortable handle openings and reduced pinch point are rugged tools that also feature unique non-slip, long-life notched gripper to ratchet and set thick and thin ties.

The TY6 model with automatic cut-off can be pre-set to engage blade and cut off tie tail at a desired tension. Designed for continuous use on thick ties, the TY-6 features contoured cushioned handles and a long-life notched gripper.

Stay tuned as Malco will have more new tools coming out soon!