Cable Tie Tensioning Tool with Manual Cut Off

Malco’s TY4 Tie Tensioning Tool provides a faster, more effective alternative to securing fiberglass duct take offs compared to what can be done by hand.

This rugged Tie Tensioning Tool features a manual, easy to operate, cutting mechanism. To use the cutting mechanism, a simple pull of the lower lever engages a blade to cut of the excess tail of a nylon tie. The handle features a reduced pinch point closure for added safety and comfort. A clean, black baked on enamel wrinkle finish will weather the elements and stand up to abuse on-the-job.

The TY4 and all other Malco Tie Tools are designed to work on standard 175 Ib. ties as well as thinner 125 Ib. ties.

For the best quality, use Malco’s Adjustable Nylon Ties when installing fiberglass flex duct.




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