Reciprocating Saw: General Purpose

A Full line selection of Reciprocating Saw Blades FEATURING: SUPER SHARP and TOUGH BiMetal By Malco™

THEY STACK UP BETTER: For wood with nails, metal pipe, angles, and a variety of specialty applications from drywall to drain pipe, BiMetal By Malco stacks up best against the rest. These shatterproof blades are formulated from a premium metal composition consisting of a High Speed Steel cutting edge micro welded to a flexible High Carbon Steel back. Wood Cutting BiMetal blades are available in a wide variety of profiles and tooth combinations to match cutting speed, plus control and maneuverability needed for the job. Wide 3/4″ (19.1 mm) profiles on Metal Cutting BiMetal combine with superior manufacturing processes to outperform and outlast all other similar blades in head to head comparisons.




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Garry A.

I bought a set of these blades for my corded DeWalt. From now on, I'll use these in place of the stock blade. The cut was so much smoother and there was less vibration and tear out. Cheers Garry A.