Standing Seam Seamer, 1.5 Inch FSXS

Malco’s power assisted seamer is the fastest seaming machine in the market, making it the perfect hand-held equipment for effortless seaming of 1″ or 1.5″ single and/or double mechanical lock standing-seam panels in one efficient operation, with no hand reamer required. Simply attach the power assisted seamer to your cordless drill, for a max speed of 98-feet/min (30 m/min) and 1076 sq. feet/7 min (100 m2/7 min).

Designed to start the seaming process from the beginning of the metal profile without having to use a hand seamer.

The Malco Power Assisted seamer comes packaged in a premium IP 67 case with custom foam inserts to ensure the safe storage of your seamer. Designed for the roofing professionals working with Stainless steel, steel, Aluminum, Copper, and Zinc material.

Quote repair and retrofit jobs with confidence knowing that the material your customers want on their roof is something you can install.


  • Mechanically lock standing seam panels in less time, while working safer, and offering your customers more profiles
  • Standing seam installation solution of choice to lock standing seam panels safely and in less time
  • Seam 1″ and 1.5″ standing seam panels in a single or double lock, allowing you to quote and install more jobs with one tool solution
  • Driven by contractor grade cordless tools there are no cords to manage or restrict your movement


Catalog Number Description Seaming Capacity: Steel Seaming Capacity: Stainless Steel Seaming Capacity: Aluminum Seaming Capacity: Copper Seaming Capacity:   Zinc
FSXS Power Assisted Metal Seamer, 1″ / 1.5″ 24-Gauge 26-Gauge .040 20 oz 1 mm


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