The Innovative NEW Malco Conformable Sander

20th March 2017 • Categories: Uncategorized

As we continue to go through 2017, we’re reminded how life is always going to have some rough edges. Whether it’s weather, taxes, or something as simple as your daily commute, we could all use a little help smoothing down some of the rough edges in our life!

Speaking of rough edges, Malco is thrilled to announce our brand new Conformable Sander! That’s right, now techs can sand contours with a block that holds a set shape and is easy to grip.

autobody sander

A Conformable Sander?! – Yes, You Read it Right

The Malco Comformable Sander is the first re-usable sanding block capable of holding a desired hand-pressed geometry throughout the sanding operation. The segmented block features a slide interface that works with standard 2-3/4 inch wide hook and loop backed abrasive paper.

Malco Products Conformable Sandersander

Highlights of Malco’s new Conformable Sander include:

  • A generous gripping area on block that reduces fatigue and ensures even-pressure sanding.
  • An internal aluminum memory bar that holds the block and slide contour in place, and can be set and re-set with reasonable hand force.
  • The thin, flexible slide interface allows the block contour to be changed without buckling or tearing abrasive paper. There is no need to reposition the paper, and worn paper may be replaced without changing the block contour or removing slide.
  • The Malco Conformable Sander is available in 8-1/4 inch and 5-1/2 inch lengths (defined by the length of the paper-slide).

Let’s be honest, sanding uneven surfaces has always been a pain in the neck. Malco has addressed this problem and we’re proud of our new Conformable Sander—we think it will make your life a lot easier once you add it to your tool kit.

Once again, Happy New Year from all of us at Malco, where our resolution is always to make life easier for anyone who uses hand tools. The Conformable Sander will do that and is a must-have for anyone who does any amount of sanding work!

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