Malco TurboXTools For Removing Damaged AutoDoor Skins

7th October 2013 • Categories: Uncategorized, Turbo Shears

More Than  One Way To Skin A Door!

No more dust, dirt or sparks from time consuming grinding.  And no risk of burn marks on door frames.  These TurboXTools cut damaged skins off doors of passenger vehicles and light trucks fast and easy!

DSR1 Collage

A narrow working head, with spacer guide, cuts through the rounded edge of the door hem.  Lateral adjustability of the cutting blades ensures optimum performance in 20 to 22 gauge (0.91 to 0.76 mm) automotive steel.  Simply point the blades into the hem to start the cut.   The serrated upper blade bites onto the two layers of metal without slipping.  Turning the  tool, with the spacer guide flush against the hem, allows the tool to cut off a narrow strip along the hem edge.  Malco Door Skin Removers also navigate over mild body lines and around corners to finish the job.

A Model DSR1 Door Skin Remover uses the power assistance of a drill you already own to get professional results at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated power tool.  This rugged drill attachment inserts into the chuck of a minimum 14.4 Volt cordless or maximum 7 Amp corded drill.  A telescoping clamp adjusts to fit length and width of any drill housing for easy one hand operation.

An Air-Powered Model DSR1A generates an optimum 2600 rpm and is compatible with your shop’s existing air supply.  This compact tool is easily operated with one hand and features a 45-degree elbow fitting for air hose clearance when in use.

Both tools feature hardened shearing blades to ensure long service life.  Blades are also easily replaceable and are available as a set with a factory installed spacer guide.

Get into your comfort zone by checking out Tips and Tricks for best results when operating these exclusive Malco TurboXTool solutions.  Then watch a video demonstration.

If you aren’t sold on the benefits of these latest additions to Malco’s arsenal of power-assisted devices, let us know here!  And if you are sold, let us know that too!