Malco Product Videos & Demonstrations Are a Great Addition to Your Toolbox

30th January 2019 • Categories: Uncategorized, Products

Malco Tools Youtube Videos


Malco Product Videos Are the Perfect ‘Tool’ for Your Next Project

As you probably know, at Malco we make hundreds of products, most of which are hand tools. What you might not know, however, is that one of our most helpful and useful tools is completely free – our video library!

malco tool videos


That’s right– we have a video page on our website, and we also have a full YouTube channel with videos.  The videos are a great way for anyone to learn a new trick or a new way to use their Malco tools. Our team makes these specifically for our customers. For every product we sell, we want its purpose and use to be as clear as possible.


All. The. Videos.

By watching the videos, you can learn about all the features of the tool. For example, our Foamboard Stapler video is one people may want to check out if they are doing any in-floor heating this winter.

After watching the video, a person would know what the product is, but better yet – how to use it productively for a project.

The Foam Board Stapler video teaches someone how to replace staples, which is something that any big project will require.

The video also points out that there’s a convenient “kickstand” for busy workers who need a break now and then.  Staple jams can be a problem but don’t worry; the video also shows you how and what will prevent this.

Another thing you’ll learn from the video is that you can buy a Pex-to-Wood conversion kit from Malco. This kit allows you to place a weight on your Foamboard Stapler, which turns it into a Wood Stapler – saving anyone a trip to the store, and some money.

We try to put nuggets of information like this into all of the videos. Our engineers want to make sure every user is getting the most out of their tool, and that they are buying the right one for every project.

Speak a Different Language? No Problemo.

Most videos also are available in different languages (Spanish, Italian, French, and German), because we know that many Malco tool users are not only English speakers.

We know that when you buy an item in the store, the sales people and employees do their best to help you with any product questions, but in case it’s not enough you have someplace to turn. Because honestly, watching how the product is used is a lot easier to follow along than reading instructions.

Another video that is worth a watch is our Malco TurboShear® Auto Video.

For any auto body fans out there, this video shows all you can do with the TurboShear Auto family of products, starting with the TurboShear Original. Next came the TurboShear Heavy Duty, that allows you to make powerful cuts with only one hand.

In case you didn’t know the TurboShear Auto family attaches to any cordless or corded drill. The telescoping aluminum cast shear head can rotate 360 degrees enabling it to be set in any position for your project.

All models have long-lasting straight and left cutting blades. The TurboShear Automotive 16 Gauge even has right-cutting action as well. Another tip, that’s better shown in the video, is how easily these blades can be replaced.

We know these videos won’t be the key to all your success, but we hope that they can help save you some time and work in the future. We also are always looking for product ideas, but also any video tutorials suggestions.

Don’t forget we are always uploading new videos, so check out the page consistently to stay up to date on all the latest Malco tool tips and tricks!

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