Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good: Taking Care of People and Business

13th April 2022 • Categories: Malco Company

As a Specific Benefit Corporation, the main drivers of Malco’s business are employee ownership, keeping jobs local and strengthening communities. After all, the success of a company depends not only on how innovative and strong our products are, but also on the strength of our associates and our culture.

With this idea in mind, we developed the “Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.” campaign, which is focused on proactively taking steps to embody our core values as a destination company that our associates are proud to work for, and that our customers are proud to do business with.

The campaign is focused on three main areas:

  • Look Good: Re-investing in Malco’s overall appearance, inside and out to further instill a sense of pride for our associates when they come to work each day. This summer, we painted the exterior of our Annandale, MN, facility to match the plant in DeWitt, NE, and put in a fresh coat of blacktop on our parking lots.
      • We are embarking on a multi-phase refresh and renewal project in our Annandale headquarters. The project will create a more collaborative, flexible, and productive work space to help drive our vision for growth and next-level innovation. We are kicking off the project in the coming months with our central Minnesota-based design build partners. We are looking forward to this next important step on our transformational journey to establish Malco as a premier destination company for many years to come.
  • Feel Good: Modernizing workspaces and making them more ergonomic, in order to improve associates’ collaboration, comfort and productivity. Small changes like refreshed break room amenities go a long way!
  • Do Good: Encouraging and establishing volunteer initiatives and community outreach efforts to get more involved and engaged in our communities in Annandale and DeWitt. From participating in community events to getting involved with local schools, we’re always looking for more ways we can give back to our communities. Here are a few of the activities we participated in as a company this year:
    • Fourth of July parades & celebrations in Annandale and DeWitt
    • Adopt-A-Highway cleanup
    • Scholarship for an Annandale High School student entering the trades
    • Sponsoring a family in need during the holiday season
    • Donation drive for United Way
    • Supporting the Annandale High School Robotics team with donation of time and funds
    • Providing tools to area high schools’ Habitat for Humanity projects

Our greatest asset is our people

It’s always worth investing in our people. And this campaign gives associates more reasons to take pride in their company. Everyone wants to contribute to something that’s more than a job – having something to be excited about and engaged in makes a big difference.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk more about our “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good” approach with HVAC School for their podcast. You can listen to our conversation here:

Authored by Malco President and CEO Rich Benninghoff