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19th October 2018 • Categories: Uncategorized

At Malco we’re always trying to get better. Our engineers and craftsmen are constantly tinkering and brainstorming to come up with not only new products but improvements to existing products that make them better. We’re happy to tell you that we’ve made improvements to one of our tried-and-true products, Malco’s AVs Aviation Snips series.

That’s right, a product you may have thought couldn’t get any better, has. Malco’s AVs Aviation Snips now have improved features and benefits, most notably contoured grips that naturally distribute pressure evenly across your hand resulting in a more natural feel with less fatigue.

Our new and improved ergonomic hand guards allow tradesmen to advance AVs into material faster and the new grips prevent hands from slipping forward over the blades. These new non-slip grips with grooves will give you a great hold even in dirty, wet conditions.

Malco’s AVs Aviation Snips also feature a self-opening latch, for quicker and easier use of grip. The blades offer solid gripping in sheet metal and hardened forged steel jaws for long life and high strength.

The new-and-improved grips are now on all of Malco’s AVs Aviation Snips, the AV1, AV2, AV3, AV6, and AV7. Here are a couple of reviews of our Aviation Snips:

“I need to use cutters every day cutting sheet metal on the job. These are about the best I have found.”

“Malco snips are awesome! I cut so much thin metal such as soffit, fascia and other metal trim pieces. My last set lasted me about 5-7 years which is incredible with the about of tin that I cut with them. I won’t buy any other brand.”

“Malco makes pretty much the best sheet metal tools out there and these are no exception. I’m an HVAC tradesman that has used every type of snip on the market, and none hold up to these. The lock is easy to access from the normal hand position that you use the snips in. They will also outlast any other snip out there and stay sharp.”

We love hearing these positive reviews from our customers, and that’s why we’re always trying to not only make better products that last longer, but also improve upon the products we already have. Our AVs Aviation Snips now have better grips—they’re easier to hold on to, and the ergonomic design provides a more natural feel with less fatigue!

Why wait, Buy some today!

Malco AV Aviation Snips (AV1, AV2, AV3)

Malco Offset AV Aviation Snips (AV7, AV6)

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