Get Malco’s New HVAC AdvantEDGE App for FREE – For a Limited Time

22nd March 2016 • Categories: Uncategorized

Have you taken the opportunity to download Malco’s brand new AdvantEDGE app for free yet?

AdvantEDGE App

Over 1,000 people have downloaded the AdvantEDGE app so far in just over a month. Malco is offering this exceptional new tool for free for a limited time, and we don’t want anyone who could benefit from the AdavantEDGE app to miss out!

Who could benefit from the AdvantEDGE? Great question, the answer is all professionals in the HVAC industry. AdvantEDGE by Malco introduces a whole new way to be efficient and to stay connected on the job. The app can be downloaded to your phone, surface or laptop and it gives technicians easy access to digital manuals, instructional videos and a real-time forum for HVAC techs.

AdvantEDGE App: It’s as Simple as Click. Find. Done.

The AdvantEDGE app is giving HVAC technicians the ability to get answers on the fly, helping them find the closest dealer when they need a tool on the job, and getting help and advice from other technicians when tricky situations arise.

The AdvantEDGE app is up and running and is still available as a free download for a limited time! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to pick up the latest HVAC tool for free, AdvantEDGE is as simple as CLICK, FIND and DONE when it comes to your HVAC needs.

At Malco we know that there are many days when it’s tough out there for HVAC technicians: you need a tool in an unfamiliar area. You’re staring at an unfamiliar equipment problem that you’ve never seen before. AdvantEDGE was made specifically for all of you technicians out there. Nobody has all of the answers, but if you download the AdvantEDGE app, you’ll have a lot more of them at your fingertips.

It’s a still a free download – for a limited time.

AdvantEDGE on the App StoreAdvantEDGE on Google Play

Malco AdvantEDGE App

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