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3rd February 2015 • Categories: New Product, HVAC, Construction

FDS1 Flexible Duct Support

Flexible Fiberglass  Duct is a popular choice for residential and commercial heating and cooling.  The flexible duct is often prone to kinks and sags that will restrict your air flow.  Malco has again come up with the perfect solution. Our FDS1 Flexible Duct Support will both eliminate air flow restrictions and increase efficiency. By doing this you can reduce your utility bills and improve room comfort.  A properly supported 90° elbow will typically improve your air flow efficiency from 10 to 40%*.  The Malco Duct Support will install quickly on either new or existing flex duct. You can use either 36 or 48 inch nylon cable/zip ties (That would be the Malco TY34 or TY48 Nylon Ties) to accommodate  4 inch up to 16 inch diameters of flexible fiberglass duct. It will also work on un-insulated flexible duct.  This strong, but lightweight support, is manufactured with 100% recycled polymer.

UL Classified 2043 and GreenSpec Listed.  Click here for short video demonstration.

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 * As reported by the American Society of Home Inspectors, ASHI Reporter, November 2005.