Celebrating Moms at Malco

10th May 2023 • Categories: Malco Company

There are plenty of incredible parents at Malco and in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re highlighting a few of them to celebrate the significant role they play both inside and outside of work. By no means is this an exhaustive list and we want to thank everyone who shows up each and every day, making our company, and our community even better because of it!

Join us in celebrating the mother figures in our life this May and don’t forget to get them flowers!

Amy Carlson, Human Resources

Amy Carlson works in Human Resources at Malco and says that “I love my job and as a fulfilled, happy employee, it makes me a happier parent.”

She would “absolutely” encourage her kids to enter the trades and is thrilled that her son, a high school senior is looking at going to a technical college. “I feel that family is important to Malco. I have never been made to feel guilty to take time off to attend my kids events, and that is important.”

Robbin Bauer, Buyer

One of Malco’s buyers, Robbin Bauer, is passionate about all things manufacturing and says, “Two of my children are currently looking into trade positions, including working at Malco. My oldest son checks the Malco website weekly for new position postings.”

On what’s kept her at Malco and why she’s proud to work here: “Malco has always been a family first company. I have never missed a school meeting or event because I have had the ability to use time off when needed. I am very proud to work at a company that understands the importance of family and does whatever they can to help working parents.”

Sarah Zipoy, Machine Tool Operator

Sarah Zipoy, one of Malco’s Machine Tool Operators, loves working at Malco, particularly because of how she can make time to balance work and life. She says, “With Malco’s flex schedule option I can be at my children’s games and school events. If I have family things going on, Malco has been supportive when I need personal time.”

Besides loving the flexibility, she’s also proud to work in the trades and is thrilled to have that influence in her kids’ lives noting, “my son John is a Mechanical Engineer. Malco was helpful in his decision. He job shadowed for a day with Tom Batho in New Products. He observed and learned what is needed to start a new product.”

Overall, Sarah reflects that “Malco is a great place for me. It is close to home so I can support my family. Malco has given me opportunities to support my children whether at college or high school.”

Kate Story, Plant Manager

Plant Manager, Kate Story, has two kids she adores and leads an active lifestyle with them. She’s been at Malco throughout her life as a parent. During the nearly two decades she’s been with us, she’s worked in many different parts of the business, leading up to her current role as plant manager. She’s passionate about innovation and productivity and building a creative and energizing workspace for her colleagues.

And More Malco Moms!

We wish could list everything but a few last notes from our working moms.

Great Commute

“When I started at Malco my kids were in preschool and my reason was to be closer to home so that I could be there when they needed me. I was so excited to be working 5 miles from home so I could be there in the morning and drop them off at school!  My commute was much less stressful… driving to the metro area every day can be exhausting!”

Flexibility for Kids’ Schedules

“I love the flexibility the company offers for me to respond to my children’s busy schedules. We have flexibility with our work schedules to attend a class project or rush off in response to an unexpected need, such as weather closings or sick children. I have been the primary attending parent on all of my kids’ field trips and sporting events, which after 12 years and two kids is definitely a testament to my work/life balance!  Malco has been a good advocate to put family first and make sure employees feel they are able to show up for our children.”

Manufacturing is Anything but Boring

“I feel that manufacturing has received a bad publicity in the past. I like to share the amazing opportunities and positions that Malco has to offer, especially if someone is interested in finding a career locally. My kids know my background story at Malco, demonstrating that there is opportunity for growth, especially in trades and STEM. We also have a great engineering team that will work with local schools to fuel the excitement into robotics and automation. Definitely nothing boring about working in manufacturing.”

Product Development in 4th Grade

“Funny enough, my son is currently tasked with running a fourth-grade sale where the kids need to make a product, price it, and promote it. My exposure to many aspects of how businesses operate are definitely having an influence on his project work. We use the idea that trades and STEM are great programs to promote our kids’ curiosity. They will often hear their Mom aligning an interest with a cool job at Malco.”

PTO and Flexing

“Having an employer that supports my time with my children is so important. I love seeing some of the investments into some new spaces for new mothers at the top of the list. Opportunities for flexible schedules and hybrid work with newer Mom’s is something to be appreciated.”

Advocating for Youth in Manufacturing

Outside of being a mom, Malco is a good advocate for careers in the trades by hosting local high school kids to show them different job opportunities in manufacturing.”

Jeannette Rieger-Borer

Malco’s scholarship program is named after Jeannette Rieger-Borer, who has sadly since passed on. She was our CFO for years, raised three kids and was a passionate member of the local school board. Her love of education is a legacy that lives on and continues to inspire parents and kids alike.

Dorothy Keymer

And we would be remiss not to mention Malco’s original matriarch, Dorothy Keymer, who raised four sons. Sadly, she passed away in 1988 but she was instrumental in starting and building Malco to what it is today, having served in many roles including billing, writing letters and bookkeeping as well as helping to grow the HVAC industry by serving on industry boards.

We are proud to support working parents through benefits, flexible schedules, our school leave program, family events and spaces at Malco like our mom room. Today, we have moms in most roles. Malco’s culture of safety, respect, hard work and thoughtful inclusiveness are what brought these moms to Malco as they resonate both in their personal and professional lives.

To everyone here and beyond – thank you for all the hard work you do. We wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!