15 Handy Tool Gift Ideas for Dad

27th May 2020 • Categories: Max Snips, Fencing Tools, Construction, Vinyl Siding, HVAC, Tool Gifts

Malco Father's Day Gift Guide

Dad. Father. Papa. He goes by different names, but his role never changes. With Father’s Day around the corner, you may be wondering how to express your appreciation for the support he’s given you throughout the years. Malco understands that finding the perfect Father’s Day present can be a tough task, so we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up a must-have list of tool gift ideas for dad that are ideal for various jobs from cutting sheet metal and removing vinyl siding to installing tension wire on a chain-link fence and welding different types of metal joints on a vehicle.

Malco Tool Gift Ideas for Dad Categorized by Industry


Job Essentials

Can’t decide on a present? These practical tool gift ideas for dad will come in handy for multiple project applications.

Measuring Tape Tool - Tool Gift Ideas for Dad
Magnetic Measuring Tape
(T416M, T425M & T430M)
You can’t go wrong with this essential tool for dad. Measure faster, easier, and with greater accuracy. Use it for HVAC ductwork installations, ceiling grid applications, metal stud framing, fencing installation, and more.
Quick Open Knife - Tool Gift Ideas for Dad
Quick Open Knife
He’ll appreciate how quick and straightforward it is to change out a dull blade with just a turn of the knob. Extra blades can also be stored in the handle. This useful utility knife features three locked cutting positions, heavy-duty knife halves with an integrated hinge to eliminate lost or dropped parts, and an ergonomic safety grip for extra comfort.
Tool Backpack
Tool Backpack
Malco’s tool backpack will help dad to easily organize, protect, and transport all his tools. Made to withstand heavy loads and everyday usage, this essential backpack features 33 pockets and comfortable wide-padded shoulder straps that will help save his neck and back.

Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Perfect for HVAC applications, these tools will make dad’s job safer and easier. Sheet metal has met its match.

C-RHEX Cleanable, Reversible Magnetic Hex Drivers
C-RHEX® Cleanable, Reversible Magnetic Hex Drivers
Treat dad to one of our best-selling HVAC tools. He’ll save time and effort by being able to quickly change between 1/4” and 5/16” hex sizes with Malco’s unique dual-sided magnetic hex driver that comes in four convenient lengths. Featuring a strong “easy-clean magnet,” eliminate any buildup of sheet metal shavings with the swipe of a glove or towel.
Hand Seamer Tool
Hand Seamer with Forged Jaws
Malco’s 6” Hand Seamer with forged steel jaws will help dad bend, fold, flatten, and straighten sheet metal edges or safely grip and move sheet metal around the job site. The drop-forged, high-impact jaws feature depth markings graduated in ¼” increments and are complemented by a powerful compound leverage design, as well as user-friendly Redline Handles®.
Turbo Shear Tool
Turn his power drill into a 20-gauge metal cutting shear with Malco’s original TurboShear attachment. Dad will surely enjoy cutting through sheet metal in a fraction of the time compared to using manual cutting snips.

Roofing & Siding

Make exterior remodeling jobs a breeze with these specialty tools for dad.

Side Swiper Tool
SideSwiper® II Vinyl Siding Removal Tool
Built with an easy-to-grasp straight handle and a comfortable, non-slip textured grip, the steel SideSwiper produces a smooth unlocking motion that will cleanly remove vinyl siding. Gift a virtually indestructible tool that’ll last.
Andy Classic Tool
Andy Classic® Aluminum Handled Snips 12”
(M12A & MC12A)
These timeless snips are a perfect addition to dad’s tool collection. Ideal for cutting vinyl siding, aluminum, copper, or sheet metal, the sleek head design allows for maximum maneuverability. Available in two cutting models (pattern or combination), these snips feature pressure-fit inset blades that make replacement quick and easy.
Turbo Shear Heavy Duty
TurboShear® Heavy Duty
Have dad experience the difference with this tool that works better and faster than manual metal cutting snips. Turn his power drill or smaller-bodied impact driver into an 18-gauge steel-cutting power shear. The attachment’s wide-opening jaws can operate at high or low speeds for optimum control and have the capability to navigate crosscuts through profiles of metal buildings and roofing panels. The clamp collar allows the shear head to be rotated 360° and set in any position for additional flexibility.


With summer rapidly approaching, help dad install a fence in no time.

Fencing Pliers
Fencing Pliers
(FP1 & FP2)
Treat dad to this essential fencing tool. These hardened all-steel fencing pliers are available in two sizes ( 8” and 10”) and feature three serrated jaw areas for easy gripping, pulling, and tying fence wire. A compact, rounded, and tapered nose allows for easy entry and reach into tight spaces, while textured handle surfaces promote control.
Vinyl Fence Tool
Vinyl Fence Notcher
(VFN1 & VFN2)
Malco’s all-steel Vinyl Fence Notchers create 1/2” and 3/4” wide and 7/8” deep louver-shaped tabs in the end sections of vinyl fence pickets or rails. The resulting raised tabs facilitate a durable lock that prevents the picket or rail from pulling out of the joint opening during high winds or inclement weather. Featuring ergonomic RedLine Handles®, he’ll be able to comfortably operate the tool one-handed.
Hog Ring Tool
Hog Ring Pliers with Magazine and Rings
Gift the ultimate fencing tool. These Hog Ring Pliers feature a magazine that ensures uninterrupted operation for installing Malco’s 9-gauge Collated Aluminum or Steel Hog Ring Staples along a chain-link fence. In combination with the pliers, a 500 pack of these staples will secure 1,000 feet of tension wire in a fraction of the time that other installation methods require.


Surprise dad with a unique gift that’ll make autobody projects a breeze to complete.

Malco Products Conformable Sander
Conformable Sander
(CSH5 & CSH8)
Here’s a present unlike anything else on the market for the dad who loves to work on cars. Unlike standard, static sanding blocks, these are the first reusable, flexible sanding blocks that hold a hand-pressed contour throughout the entire sanding process. Available in 5” or 8” lengths, he can easily grasp the contours of the tool to reduce fatigue and ensure even-pressure sanding.
Turbo X Tools
TurboXTools™ Quarter Panel Hemming Attachment
Designed to replicate a hammer and dolly motion at high speed, with greater precision, less fatigue, and faster results, dad can easily bend and close wheel arc flanges of replacement quarter panels with Malco’s TurboXTools Quarter Panel Hemming Attachment and a cordless drill or impact driver. The clamp collar allows the head to be rotated 360° and set in any position for additional flexibility. He’ll surely appreciate this power-assisted upgrade that performs up to 80% faster than the traditional method.
Axial Weld-Bonding Pliers Kit
Axial Weld-Bonding Pliers Kit
Just clamp, weld, and release with this present that’s ideal for autobody applications. This comprehensive set includes six different pliers in a grab-and-go hard-shell case. Made with forged steel construction and a durable finish to extend tool life and resist welding splatter, each design is made to help address specific pain points when welding materials together.

With these tool gift ideas for dad in mind, honor and celebrate your beloved handyman or trade professional with a present that he’ll cherish and use for years to come. On behalf of Malco, we thank all the hard-working fathers out there!