Easy Dispensing Caulking Gun

Smooth action with large, comfortable power grip. Double-gripping plate and steel trigger for greater durability. Trigger adjustment screw compensates for normal wear to ensure full dispensing stroke and extend tool life. Rotating barrel for maneuverability and easy caulk placement.


  • Slotted front for easy loading.
  • Ladder size hang hook.
  • 1/10 gallon capacity.
  • 12:1 thrust ratio.
  • Includes puncture wire.




My Review for Easy Dispensing Caulking Gun

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Four Stars

Overall pretty decent caulker.

H. Rosenberg "H"

High Pressure caulking gun

Very well made caulking gun for cartridges requiring high pressure. It worked great with PC-CONCRETE epoxy. Cheap caulking guns are only good for using low pressure cartridges. This gun will handle virtually any type of cartridge. Also like the ability to twist the cartridge holder (red part) to get a better position in tight spots.

James Mader

Fantastic for high viscosity caulks like Quad

Fantastic for high viscosity caulks like Quad. A little too fast for interior latex but works well in a pinch. (I use a different gun for interrupt caulks) as a window and door installer, it's difficult to find a gun that can handle thicker sealants and this one works great. Also has an adjustment for when the trigger wears in and has too much play. I recommend this gun to any professionals in the window and door industry.

Eduardo H Gutierrez

Five Stars


DVD Bill

Great Caulk Gun

I want to say this is the best caulk gun that I have ever used. The caulk guns that I have you had to use two hands just to get a little caulk out. This gun, one hand just a little squeeze and out comes the caulk. I purchased two of these caulk guns. I would never purchase a regular caulk gun again.

Michael Maccorkle

what a great caulk gun

I had gun like it & left on the job. I used an old one I had laying around & couldn't stand it. What a great caulk gun, thanks.