Bit-Tip® – Drill and Tap Screws

By drilling its own hole, Bit-Tip® Drill and Tap Screws produces the optimum hole size, resulting in better thread engagement and a tighter fit. One operation fastening also means no alignment problems.

Bit-Tip® has a wide range of industry applications. Select the Bit-Tip® that’s right for the job. Point length will determine metal thickness that can be drilled, tapped and fastened. Also, plywood, soft wood, composition board, drywall, insulation and laminates may be fastened to metal framing or components.

Made from strong, high quality, specially heat treated steel. Bit-Tip® Self Drilling and Tapping Screws are precision cold forged insuring uniformity of dimension and drill point contours.

The versatile Bit-Tip® Screw is an excellent replacement for fastening operations now using rivets, nuts and bolts, spot welds or adhesives. Bit-Tip® also eliminates the need for costly auxiliary fastening equipment such as drill bits, taps and welding equipment.

Requires only a standard screw gun power tool rated at 2500 RPM equipped with drilling depth locator.

For the best performance, use any Bit-Tip® Drill and Tap Screw with a Malco Cleanable, Reversible Dual Sided Hex Driver.

Malco CRHEX Bit Tip Zip-In Combo - Versatile and efficient fastening solution for various applications


  • Package sizes available in handy boxes, tubs, pails or bulks.
  • ® Trademarked & Patented Head Markings indicate one and only genuine Bit-Tips. U.S. Patent No. D524,638



Catalog # Screw # Head Type Screw Size Pkg Qty.
BT143P #3 Hex Washer 10-16 X 3/4″ 3000


Ultimate Bit-Tip Screw Strengths

Thread Size Point Size Pull-out values (lbs.) in common steel gauges.   Tensile Strength (lbs.) Torsional Strength (lbs.)
26 24 22 20 18 16 14 13 1/8 10 3/16
8, 18 #2 150 187 289 334 507 643 977 1,575 42
10, 16 #2 145 235 295 364 572 708 1,015 1,972 2,100 61
10, 24 #3 1,528 2,120 2,199 2,350 65
12, 14 #3 1,541 1,990 2,650 3,515 2,800 92

Test results furnished are given purely as a guide and do not constitute a warranty of any type. Results may vary by modification to the fastener or in certain applications.

Consult Malco Suggested Trade Prices for specific package quantities available for each screw size. Count on Malco for full, accurate piece counts in every BIT-TIP package you buy.



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