Universal Flex Duct Knife Sheath

Safely carry any Malco flex-duct cutting tool, including the FDC1 Cutter, FDC2 Shear or the FDC3 Multi-Purpose Flex Duct Tool, with a universal-fitting FDSH sheath. This same sheath also comes packaged standard with the DK6S Duct Knife. Durable nylon sheath construction features a generous 2-3/4-inch wide belt loop and secure Velcro safety strap. A puncture-resistant HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) insert offers added protection to prevent the blade tip from poking through sheath.




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Alan Erickson

Improvements made to original sheath

I have (and love!) a Malco duct knife. After a year of daily use, the sheath split at the seam. Malco graciously honored their lifetime warranty - which, believe me, not every company does, and especially because the tool itself was still 100% and only the sheath failed, I half expected Malco to say the sheath wasn't covered. But not Malco! They promptly sent a replacement, and they have recently made some improvements to the sheath over the past year. For one thing, the retainer strap has moved up a couple of inches, which makes its retention a little sturdier. But way more importantly, they have added a plastic bucket to the point of the sheath, exactly where mine had failed! I'm certain this improvement would have prevented my original sheath's failure, and I am very pleased that they stand behind their products and continue to improve their designs. I reserved a star because I think a snap would last forever while Velcro is less sustainable. But hey, in two years when the Velcro fluffs off, Malco will probably send me another improved design. I bet it will have a cool snap with Malco's logo on it.