TurboShear® – Heavy Duty, Sheet Metal Cutting Drill Attachment

The Malco TurboShear Heavy Duty (TSHD) is a powerful sheet metal cutting tool that can be quickly attached to a corded or cordless drill. This electric shear attachment has the capability to make fast straight, curved, or square cuts in most common sheet metals. The shear’s wide-opening jaws can operate at high or low speeds for the control you need, when you need it.

With Malco’s TSHD Sheet Metal Cutter, you are able to easily:

  • Follow a precise trim line
  • Navigate crosscuts through profiles of metal building and roofing panels
  • Or cut through layered metal and seams, even the ribs of spiral duct

The heavy-duty hardened carbon steel blades of the tool offer up to 18-guage (1.22 mm) cutting capacity in mild steel. A lateral blade adjustment capability is included, which ensures that optimum cutting performance and maneuverability can be maintained for the life of the blades. Replacement blades are also available and can be easily installed on the job.

A sleek, lightweight aluminum cast shear head and molded drill clamp allow maximum portability. The patented compact telescoping drill clamp adjusts to fit both length and width of popular drill sizes including smaller bodied impact drivers. Optional spacers are stored on the clamp for large motor housings. The clamp collar allows the shear head to be rotated 360° and set in any position for optimum tool clearance when navigating profiles or to facilitate easy material flow.

Drill Clamp Patent #9,649,702

360 degree rotating head


  • Fits a corded or cordless drill you already own.
  • Great for straight shearing, tight Patterns cuts, corner cuts, or navigating profiles.
  • Long lasting blades also easily replaceable.



Capacities: Inches (mm)

Spiral Duct (20 Gauge) Galv Steel (18 Gauge) Mild Steel (18 Gauge)
.040 (1.02) .052 (1.32) .048 (1.22)

*Compatible with all current and pre-existing Malco TurboShears in the market.

Drill Requirements: Min 1/4 in (6.35mm) Chuck, Min 14.4 V-DC/Max 7 A-AC


What materials will the turbo shear cut?

TSHD – cuts 18-gauge (1.32 mm) galvanized steel (HVAC duct work, auto body panels), 20-gauge (.82 mm) non hardened carbon steel and stainless steel (metal roofing panels), 14-gauge (1.54 mm) aluminum (trim coil, flashing), and .100 inch (2.55 mm) copper (metal roofing, gutters).

The TSHD is also rated to cut 20-gauge (.82 mm) spiral duct work.

How clean is the cut?

TSHD – The Turboshear Sheet Metal Cutter will make clean cuts throughout the range of thicknesses of material listed above. The tool will need to be adjusted when going from very thin to thick material and vice versa.

How do you adjust the tool to get the optimum cut?

TSHD – The clearance between the cutting jaws is adjustable in order to achieve the optimum cut for thick or thin material. To adjust, locate the 3/16” set screw on the back of the tool, towards the front of the tool near the jaws. Turn it clockwise to tighten the gap of the jaws for thinner material or counterclockwise to make the gap of the jaws larger for thicker material.

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Frank in South Haven

Awesome tool

What a time saver in use! I've been using it on corrugated steel panels. The shears install and remove quickly from the driving tool of choice. I like it attached to a shorter impact driver rather than drill. The hex bit collet of an impact driver is faster/easier attachment than the chuck of a drill but both worked fine. How do I get a carry case? Thanks neighbor for the great tool!

Charlie Thayer


This has been a god send with cutting metal, made a roofing job a piece of cake. Won't dread that cutting task again ever. Best money I've spent in a while.

Thomas James

Awesome Tool

Very pleased with quality and how well it performs. Highly recommended.

Hugh W.

I purchased these shears to cut 26 gauge steel panels

I purchased these shears to cut 26 gauge steel panels to skirt a mobile home. For cuts running with the ribbing of the panels they worked very well. Unfortunately most of the cuts I needed to do were cross cuts and the shears would not ride up and over the rib. I ended up using a cut off wheel on an angle grinder.


Five stars

Great product, works as described and wasn't an impossible package to open like so many items these days.


Great piece of equipment for anyone working with sheet metal

Use them every day as an HVAC Technician so I can say without question that this turbo shear lives up to every bit of what I have come to expect from Malco. Great piece of equipment for anyone working with sheet metal or in the HVAC field.

Robert C. Cale "Bob the Farmer"

Cuts through sheet metal like through butter.

This is a winner, cuts through sheet metal like through butter, highly recommended.

Anthony J. Nadalin "nadalin"

Four Stars

Cuts sheet metal real nice, only major gripe is that it's somewhat hard to tighten the chuck.

Don Pilarski

Buy this…

This works flawless!! Cut G Rib Paneling No Issues... Great Job!


Malco TSHD Turboshear is great for flat cuts.

I have used these shears on a number of projects; mainly building a 40 X 60 metal pole barn. The shears work very well for cuts on flat metal and fairly good cutting directly across the ribs but are not very friendly for cuts that go diagonal to the ribs such as cutting pieces to go under the gable ends of the building. It does save a lot of time on the cuts when it works; especially cutting long flat panels to size; but for the diagonal cuts I used an angle grinder with a metal cutting disc. It was still a great time saver over using the grinder by itself and I would definitely buy it again.


Five Stars

This item works great.


Makes a nice cut. Not a really nice super smooth cut,

Totally works. Makes a nice cut. Not a really nice super smooth cut, but it’s pretty good. Was difficult to use cutting corrugated metal roofing because hard to follow the corrugation angle. This tool requires a specific angle to the material to cut properly. Hard to follow the corrugation. However, it cut at least as good as or better than any other option!

Cat lover

Five Stars

This is a great metal cutter easily cuts valleys and hills within the metal with one hand.


Great Sheet Metal tool

Works great, much better than manual scissor type tin snips.

Stephen Wootton

Five Stars

Thanks, product worked really well.


Five Stars

For the money you can't beat it.


Five Stars

Very nice.

Keith A Heikkinen

Five Stars

Works surprisingly well. Cuts fast.

Wilbert Perry Green

Five Stars

Made cut easy duct work.


Five Stars

Super fast tool. Great price and ship!

Greg Rush

Five Stars

It looks like a good tool, but I haven't used it yet.


The best add on tool for cutting metal in the business

The best add on tool for cutting metal in the business. I use it often as I'm always cutting metal roofing. There is no other tool for the price.


Five Stars

Effortlessly cut heavy gauge aluminum (road warning sign). Very handy to have.

Amazon Customer

Wish I had bought it three roofs ago

This is an indispensable tool for putting on metal roofs. I no longer dread having to cut metal panels.

Greg Kanniard

Great product

The Turbo Shear has done an excellent job at trimming the metal panels for my steel building. It cuts so fast that you have to slow down to make a straight cut. It cuts over the panel ribs, what my previous shear would not do. The cost was right too.

Daniel J. Eichacker "Book'em"

Smaller 12v drill on shear works better

I used a Milwaukee 12v drill to power the Turboshear. I had an 18v Milwaukee drill powering the shear however, the grip and power pack got in the way when trying to follow the contours of the tin. One side of the tin paint got scratched due to the moving parts on the snips. As long as you are in a direction to keep your non-moving parts on your tin "keep cut" you should be ok.

Alex Thrasher

I love it!

Dad uses it and hasn't complained.

Rahiri Shaun Wilson

Turbo Shears are great

Great tool, great price. Well worth it!

Youn Toh

Five Stars


LakeKab "Ken Pederson"

Five Stars

Works great when installing metal roofing on our cabins at Grandview Resort in Voyageurs National Park. Great tool!

Patsy C

Five Stars

A must have for every DIY'er and contractor.

Mark Barrett

Easy to control and beats using a circular saw hands down

Works as advertised. Used it to cut steel siding and flashing. Easy to control and beats using a circular saw hands down.

J. markovitch "Anesthesia to go"

I am very happy with it

I bought this to cut metal roofing, and am very happy with it. It is easy to cut a straight line, or curves, leaves a smooth edge, and makes working with metal much easier and less stressful. I would buy it again.


This is a great product. I built a 30X50 pole barn and…

This is a great product. I built a 30X50 pole barn and made a bunch of cuts over long pieces with this and it performed very well with an electric corded drill. Trying to do the same cuts with tin snips would have taken 10 times as long and would not have produced nice smooth cuts. Well worth the small investment if you have even a small job.

Marcos Zuniga

Five Stars

Love it


Five Stars

Very good


Five Stars

Tool is an excellent product, like a hot knife going through butter. Make's my work much easier.

Eberardo Daniel Chavez Ramos

Five Stars

Perfect for my job.

Mary Gifford

Cuts through sheet metal like butter! Seriously

I can't believe I waited this long to buy these! Cuts through sheet metal like butter! Seriously, I have always cut sheet metal with aviation snips and tin snips. These make the toughest cuts easy, such as tight corners and length-wise metal roofing. Seems well built and setup takes 10 seconds. Great product!


Five Stars

Work's great, no complaints!