Circular Saw Blade: Steel

Specially formulated, tough c-6 carbide tipped blade fits all popular brands of portable circular saws. Lasts up to 30 times longer than abrasive disks for cutting unhardened ferrous metal. Makes true, flat cuts in standing seam metal roofing and metal building panels without burning paint or protective coatings. Also makes clean cuts in metal studs, light angle iron and thin walled pipe. Available in one model, MCCB7, sized at 7-1/4 in. (184 mm).


  • Special C-6 carbide tipped blade.
  • Cool clean cuts in metal roofing & metal building posts.
  • Fits all popular brands of portable circular saws.
  • Lasts up to 30 times longer than abrasive disks.
  • Makes clean cuts in metal studs, light angle iron, and thin walled pipe.


Capacities: in (mm)

Mild Steel 16 Gauge
.060 (1.52)



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Olaf Knezevic

Cuts great new but dulls quickly y

I am covering a 700 square foot roof with 24 gauge prolock metal panels. At first the blade cut beautifully. The cuts took virtually no effort and no major shavings, few sparks and powdery like debries instead of the expected chips. Unfortunately that did not last. After cutting about 20 feet the saw took more effort to cut the ridges, threw more sparks and metal chips and shavings were left behind. The panels began to show a rough edge at the cut face. I persevered and the cutting force is increasing, noise is increasing, sparks are inceasing and metal slivers and chips are becoming an issue. The blade is clealy dulling I am now 40% through and have cut approximately 60 liner feet of the 24 gauge panels. It is now no better than standad blades as it is dull. The instructions indicate the blade is not intended for resharpening . 60 feet in 24 gauge roofing and the blade is had is apoor value. This MCCB7 blade with c6 cabide teeth is supposed to last. It did not lazt for me.

Tim Schrock

Great Blade

Great blade for metal jobs - would use one again and recommend it to anyone - especially to metal roofing contractors.

John Hendrickson

Excellent metal roof cutter

Works very well for cutting metal roofing, not too noisy, makes a nice clean cut. Be sure to measure twice, and cut once!

Troy Faber

Nice product

I own a metal building company and these blades work great for cutting metal panels. they leave no burn and make a nice clean cut.