Double Cut Aviation Snips: Max2000®

Malco’s Max2000 Double-Cut Aviation Snips are proudly made in the USA. Three hardened alloy steel blades made with precision ground cutting edges, held to tight tolerances, ensure consistent performance. The Max Double Cut feeds smoothly and cuts cleanly without surface distortion. A curved cutting edge on the center blade reduces cutting force, and serrations on the cutting edge face easily advance the cut over slick metal surfaces and through seams encountered in round metal duct and stove pipe. A self-starting point on the center blade also makes short work of blind cuts. Large relief grinds on all blades minimize drag. (Model #M2004)


  • Distortion free cuts in round duct and stove pipe.
  • Superior cutting edge life.
  • Compound linkage multiplies user hand leverage.
  • Adjustable pivot bolt.
  • Handles fit large or small hands.


Capacities: in (mm)

Aluminum Copper Galvanized Steel Mild Steel
.040 (1.02) .034 (0.86) .034 (0.86) .030 (0.76)



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