Pocket Sized Sheet Metal Scribe Tool

Scribe commonplace trim lines on galvanized sheet metal quickly and accurately. Ten pre-set scribing depths from 1/8” to 1” (3 to 25 mm). Each scribing depth size features a dual edged point to create clean, readable and accurate score lines parallel to the edge of the metal sheet. Corrosion resistant finish and etched-in dimensions are readable for life of tool. Packaged in a clear vinyl, reusable pouch for storage in pocket, pouch or tool bag.


  • Five teeth produce 10 scribing depths.
  • Compact scribe stores in pocket, pouch or tool bag.
  • Hang hole and magnet help keep tool handy on the job.




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Five Stars

I use these in my tin shop. They last forever think this is my third one in thirty years.

Paul Garcia

Five Stars

Works great. Made of some thick material so I know it will last.

HVAC Services

Five Stars

Like it.

Alfonso "Nene"

Great Product with superb craftsmanship

Made in the USA. Great product with superb craftsmanship. I use this tool often and will order another one soon.

Jeffrey Harris

Awesome Product

This thing works great..it scribes a very deep legible line..love it! I would definitely recommend it for any type of metal scribing..especially sheet metal.

Arthur Brouthers

wonderful time saver

This edge scribe is perfect for a variety of sheet metal jobs and it is heavy enough for most sheet steel gages, not aluminum.