CONNEXT® – Magnetic Hex Hand Drivers

CONNEXT Quick Change handles from Malco, combined with precision-fit and hardened Malco Magnetic Hex Chuck Driver shaft components, offer the ultimate in Hex Hand Driver durability and flexibility. Hex Hand Drivers shown here are sold pre-assembled and packaged as one product, but components are also available separately. Replacing a worn hex hand driver with just a handle or driver shaft at a time is more economical. And changing a hand-held hex driver size can be as easy and thrifty as retrieving a different size chuck driver shaft from your tool bag.


  • Shock and shatter proof handles.
  • Quick connector mechanism for fast changes.
  • Magnetic end helps hold screws in place.



Why does the driver have a colored ring on it?

The colored ring helps to identify the hex opening size of the driver. Red (1/4”), Yellow (5/16”), Blue (3/8”), Brown (7/16”)

Are all pieces of Connext interchangeable?

Yes, the drivers will work on either the large or stubby handle.

Can the drivers be used on power drills?

Yes, the have a power driver groove so they will connect to any drill that accepts ½” shanks.

Are there kits available?

No, not at this time. We will have kits available in the near future.

Are all pieces available individually or only as complete drivers?

The Connext offering is available as a complete tool or as pieces.

Are the handles durable?

They are made of clear, molded acetate providing shock-proof, shatter-proof and a fluted design to fit any hand comfortably.

Can the handles be used with drivers that are not part of the Connext offering?

Yes, the handles have a quick-connect holder mechanism to accept and ¼” shank chuck driver.

Do the drivers stay securely attached to the handle?

Yes the drivers are attached with a connecting feature that includes a locking function. The only way to detach is to disengage the locking function.

Is the driver hollow through the entire tool?

No, the hollow depths are either 1-1/2” or 3”. The depths have been researched, and determined to meet the needs of most applications.

Are the hollow hex chuck drivers hollow through the handle?

No, the shafts measuring 6-7/8” have a 3” hollow. The shafts measuring 3-3/8” have a 1-1/2” hollow.



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Best there is…

Best nut driver I have ever bought. Highly recommended.