Hand Riveter: 2IN1

Malco’s 2IN1 Hand Riveter is easy to use with one hand and provides enough pulling power to set all popular rivet sizes. The 2IN1 adjustment features a single long stroke for most hand riveting applications and a short “ratchet action” power stroke for setting larger diameter rivets. The outside “jaw-grip adjustment wheel” opens and closes jaws with fingertip ease to fit any size mandrel and to obtain maximum stroke efficiency.

The professional slim nose on the 2IN1 allow it to go where other hand riveters cannot. Ideal for reaching into corners and recessed areas. Three nosepieces 1/8″, 5/32″, and 3/16″, included with tool. Nose-pieces are stored in handle. Heavy duty all steel construction insures long life and minimum wear. Polished finish, nickel-chrome plated. Red vinyl cushion grip and hand stop.


  • Slim nose design for hard to reach places.
  • Three nose pieces included and stored in handle.
  • One hand operation.
  • Comfortable red vinyl grip.


Capacities: in (mm)

Steel Mandrel Stainless Steel Mandrel
1/8 – 3/16 (3.18 – 4.8) 1/8 – 5/32 (3.18 – 4.0)


Q. What is the best way to set larger diameter rivets in?
A. Best to use short strokes while setting in larger diameter rivets
Q. Where are nose pieces stored?
A. In the handle


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Not lifetime guaranteed

Nice riveter, worked well for couple hundred or so rivets. Jaws no longer grab rivets...told by malco to find distributor and purchase new parts to repair.

Paul v


Bought this rivet gun thinking you het what you pay for.. after 3 stainless steel rivets, the blade stopped activating. My $6 rivet gun works better than this one


Worst tool

The tool is great when it is new. The only thing is the upper handle is defective. Breaks all the time on same spot, and the manufacture company doesn't sell the replacing parts, so save yourself $80.00 and buy the cheaper one for only $15.00

Brian Rice

Five Stars

Much better than the other junk out there.

Lisa Turley

Five Stars

It turned out to be just what it said it was!

Glenn I. Young


Easy to use. Easy to pump. Very smooth and sturdy tool. Make sure you read the instructions and adjust the tool properly before using or you will have problems. Not because tool is bad, but because of improper use.

M. Datema


I have bought and used all the highly marketed rivet tools. Toss them in the trash. Should have purchased this years ago.

M Koncar


Was in market for something new.Liked that Malco is made in Minnesota,but put off by price.My 1st impression was that the tool oozes quality in every aspect.Feels wonderful in hand & pulls smooth and sure.Loading is very easy compared to the Arrow.If your in market for new riveter,this is tool for grown-ups who want a quality tool for quality work.


Smooth action tool – best rivet tool I have tried

What a difference this tool made. I have small hands and other tools were simply difficult. I like the smooth action of this one. After 30 rivets my hands felt fine.

jtvt "Justin"

Used them all…

Best by far. I've used this pair for over 6 mos with no new parts & it's going strong. I've also put hundreds of SS rivets thru it which demolish the jaws on lesser brands-seen guns that didn't last a wk. In addition to pull strength being adjustable,u can also adjust rivet grab,so that as the jaws wear you can still tighten them to get more use.


The leverage you need

When working on a project that requires alot of riveting and your using a hand Riveter you can be assured that this quality built tool won't abuse your hand