Forged Steel Snips

Malco’s Model M9, MD10, MD12, and M15 offer a variety of snipping choices for the everyday trade professional.

The M9  Regular Pattern Snips work great for straight cutting and wide curve applications. The MD10 and MD12 Circular Duckbill Snips maneuver and cut easily to the very tip of the blade. These  two models cut sheet metal, aluminum and steel siding, plastics and other thin materials without tearing or catching. The M15 Bulldog Pattern Snips offer a powerful snip for straight cuts and notches.


  • Forged steel snips offer a powerful cut
  • Snips work great for straight, curved, or notched cuts
  • Maneuverable cuts that go straight to the tip of the blade




My Review for Forged Steel Snips

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